Santa Ibiza is a film and photo production company based in Ibiza and Formentera providing full production services.

Welcome to the refuge of artists, hippies, pirates and bronzed beachgoers mixed with native Ibicencos.


  • Services include location managing, crew recruitment, casting, camera/lighting/grip equipment rental, aerial/underwater filming, set design, transportation, accommodation, catering, special film permits and more upon request.

  • Our home is Ibiza and Formentera, Balearic Islands, but we also cover Barcelona, Madrid and the rest of the Spanish territory including the Canary Islands.

  • On top of that we also have experience producing internationally, so we are not limited by territories in any case.

  • The company's enthusiastic and highly experienced staff speak Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

  • Our mission is to connect the creativity generated in such inspiring and thriving islands with a cost effective and professional production. From the development of the concept to the filming/shooting, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience while producing your project with us no matter your requirements and regardless the size of the budget.

  • We work directly with our usual staff while we collaborate with highly qualified freelancers from the island and mainland Spain when required. This means our fixed costs are low, reflecting on the final estimate of every project. We are always looking for great people to work with. Please send us your Resume if you are interested.

  • All of Santa Ibiza crew are ethically-minded and share the same values regarding sustainability, recycling, conscious consumption, human and animal rights.

  • Transparency, like that found in our surrounding seas, is our main principle!


"Work with people who believe what you believe."



  • We recycle. We encourage to dispose all residues accordingly. We know sometimes it can be hard due to the nature of production workflow and that it requires a bit of extra effort. We feel much better afterwards.

  • Our HQ office runs fully on solar power, and the running water is rain harvested.

  • We are paper free. Please consider before printing any documents. We almost do not use paper. With email, videocalls and new tools/apps we make it through the day happy enough.

  • We eat organic. You can find excellent fresh local food grown in Ibiza & Formentera. Islands tend to be self sustainable. The food delivered by our catering providers is ecological - subject to availability on the market.

  • We respect the environment. We take serious responsibility on leaving all the locations as we found them, specially the ones situated in natural environments and National Parks.

  • Everyone at Santa Ibiza has a special relationship with the sea. We donate part of our benefits to the Ibiza Preservation Fund and Alianza Mar Blava, adopting meters of sea in order to protect one of the most valuable resources in this area, the posidonia prairies.




Alberto, the magical spanaird who helped us so much with the Cruise campaign shoot as well as with the Cruise fashion show scouting in Ibiza. If you need him for any shooting in or around that area he is the man to go to.
— Campbell Bromberg, Events Director at Louis Vuitton
Thank you again for all the good work you and your team have provided to make this shooting an unforgettable moment. It was definitely not an easy one, dealing with 5 boats and one helicopter you managed to make it as smooth as possible. Your people are hard workers and you’re definitely a great producer!
— Gilles Sandoz, International Advertising Manager at Omega
It was great to shoot with Santa Ibiza. Alberto and the rest of the crew were very professional and paid attention to every small detail. When we come back please call the same chef, the food was amazing!
— Margaux Despointes, Photo and Digital Content Producer at Frenzy Picture
It was a real pleasure to meet you and work with all of you on this film. The client was very happy and the campaign was a total success. Hopefully we will have another chance to work in Ibiza and Formentera very soon, we really love these islands, and if we do we would like to have exactly the same team! :) Looking forward seeing you in Paris!
— Aurélie Chevalier, Producer at Les Improductibles
I had the privilege of working with Alberto in Ibiza. It was a trying production with big demands and he handled each task smoothly, always leaving you with a feeling of calm. He is knowledgeable and works hard at his trade. You don’t want anything more from a producer
— Richard Mellon, Producer at Just Us Production